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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 2.5L Refill Bottle

For the cleaning of finished wood and cork floors. It can be used with the Bona Spray mop.

Specifically designed for finished wood and cork floors
Leaves no dulling residue
For daily maintenance and regular cleaning

Shelf life: 3 years from date of production in unopened original container
Storage/transport: The temperature mustnot fall below +5° C or exceed +25° C during storage and transport.
Disposal: Empty containers are recyclable as hard plastic

Preparation: Remove loose dust/grit etc. using a vacuum cleaner, Bona Dusting clothor other dry cleaning method

Application: Spray a few square metres of the floor and wipe the surface using a Bona Spray mop and Bona Cleaning pad. ; Rinse or replace the Cleaning pad when it becomes dirty.Onstubborn ; spots, ; rubber ; heel ; marks ; or ; sticky ; spills ; etc. ; spray Bona Wood Floor Cleanerdirectly onto the affected area and let it workfora few minutes. Scrub the spot clean with a cleaning pad


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