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Urethane Concrete and Paving Gloss

Single pack, high solids durable acrylic resin solution offering high build with excellent gloss to seal and finish interior & exterior Masonry.

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  1. May be used to seal and finish interior & exterior substrates including concrete, masonry, slate and pavers.
  2. Urethane Coatings CONCRETE & PAVING GLOSS offers a clear, hard-wearing yet flexible finish and provides excellent resistance to weathering.
  1. Check that the surface to be coated is stable and free of any loose grit, sand or dirt.
  2. Thoroughly clean and ensure the surface to be coated is completely dry.

NB : Do not use Urethane coatings CONCRETE & PAVING GLOSS at temperatures below 10°C or above 30°C

  1. Apply with a mohair roller, or brush, allow 3-4 hours to dry. Do not return unused material to the can.  For optimal performance, previously uncoated surfaces will need 3 coats and previously surfaces will need 2 coats respectively.
  2. Suitable for light foot traffic 24 hours after final coat.

Approximately 10m² per litre.  Rough surfaces and/or unsealed porous substrates approximately 6m² per litre.  CONCRETE & PAVING GLOSS is ready to use from the drum, however URETHANE COATINGS THINNERS may be added if CONCRETE & PAVING GLOSS has thickened, or if a higher coverage and a thinner coat is required.


Thoroughly clean the roller brush and equipment in URETHANE COATINGS CLEANING SOLVENT.  Dry all equipment before reusing.


As the coating begins to show signs of weathering (dull and dry, or reduced water repellency), recoat with up to two coats of Urethane Coatings CONCRETE & PAVING GLOSS, applying as detailed under ‘Application’.


This product is best if used within 12 months from manufacture (refer to batch number), when stored in unopened containers under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.


Usage of this material must be under well ventilated conditions to minimise inhalation of vapours.  Wear respirator with filters that conform with AS1716. Prevent skin contact by wearing impervious gloves, safety boots and overalls. Breathing of vapour is harmful and may cause lung irritation and allergic respiratory reaction. May irritate skin and eyes. Keep container firmly lidded, as this product cures when exposed to air. In case of spillage, absorb into dry sand or dirt. Remove from work area and dispose of in a responsible manner.


This drum contains volatile and flammable solvents and when applying the contents adequate ventilation to the outside must be provided. All potential sources of ignition (open flames, pilot lights, furnaces, spark producing electrical switches, etc.) must be eliminated in or near the working area. DO NOT SMOKE. Keep drum closed when not in use.


If affected by inhalation of vapour, remove victim to fresh air. Obtain medical treatment immediately. If breathing is difficult administer Oxygen. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Seek urgent medical attention.


In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for fifteen minutes and call a doctor.


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