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Danish Oil

The special ingredients used in the manufacture of Danish Oil penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water resistant seal.

Unlike varnishes it does not leave a thick film on the surface which may peel, chip or craze on ageing. The oil dries quickly in 4 to 6 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, producing a non tacky surface. It does not, therefore pick up dust as will wood treated with linseed oil.

Absolutely no skill is required for application, as even when the oil is applied with a brush, it does not have to be brushed out in the same way as a varnish.

The brush is merely used to spread the oil liberally over the surface. Danish Oil will bring out the beauty of all timbers and give a natural open-grained soft lustrous finish.

The natural colour of the wood may be altered by staining with Rustin’s Wood Dye before applying Danish Oil. The Wood Dye can also be added to Danish Oil to make a tinted oil.

Finish sanding your woodturning with 320grit or finer, on some woods you can improve the final finish by sanding up to 500grit. . Then to your finely sanded surface with the Lathe stopped……

1. Apply the oil liberally with a rag or a brush.

2. Let soak in for just a few minutes, then wipe off any excess.

3. Start the Lathe and burnish dry with a soft dry rag.

4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3, allowing time between coats for the oil to dry.

5. To produce a beautiful burnished polished finish….. apply a final coat of oil with the lathe running, put a small amount of oil on a rag and with light pressure at first, spread this coat out over the work, gradually increase the pressure keeping the rag moving, then change to a clean dry rag and burnish the surface to a smooth polished finish.


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