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Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer Base 4L

Achieve that lighter, brighter feel to your timber with the Prooftint Colour Reducer. Used with Prooftint Traditional Stain, this specially formulated dilution base product creates the understated, light subtle finish you are looking for. Prooftint Colour Reducer can also be used to help distribute the stain, ensuring you have a consistent, even finish to your large flooring areas.

This product could be the key to your stunning new timber finish.

Colour Reducer enables the creation of lighter, more subtle timber shades. When staining larger projects and floors, dilute Prooftint in Colour Reducer to get more working time and to distribute the stain evenly.


RECOAT TIME: Recoat after 1 hour

DRY TIME: 12 hour

CLEAN UP: Methylated Spirits

Mix Ratio:
Prooftint Colour Reducer can be mixed with Prooftint at any ratio to achieve the desired colour strenght. 1 part Prooftint mixed with 1 part Colour Reducer will provide approx. half the colour strength of Prooftint undiluted (neat).

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