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Howard Butcher Block Conditioner


Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is a food-safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax that protects and revitalizes wooden surfaces, ideal for cutting boards, butcher blocks, and countertops.

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355 ml
Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is specifically formulated to maintain and prolong the life of wooden kitchen surfaces, such as cutting boards, butcher blocks, and countertops. Here are some key features and benefits:

1. **Food-Safe**: Made from food-grade mineral oil and beeswax, ensuring it is safe for use on surfaces that come into contact with food.

2. **Deep Penetration**: Nourishes and penetrates deep into the wood fibres, preventing drying, cracking, and warping.

3. **Enhances Appearance**: Enhances the natural beauty of wood by adding a rich lustre and depth to the grain.

4. **Water-Resistant**: Provides a protective barrier that helps repel water and other liquids, reducing the risk of stains and water damage.

5. **Easy Application**: Simple to apply with a soft cloth or paper towel, allowing for even coverage without leaving a sticky residue.

6. **Versatile Use**: Suitable for use on a variety of wooden kitchen surfaces, including cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden utensils, and more.

7. **Long-Lasting**: Offers long-lasting protection and beauty with regular application, keeping wooden surfaces looking new and well-maintained.

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is a trusted choice among chefs, woodworkers, and homeowners for maintaining the quality and durability of wooden kitchen items.

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