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Mapeproof Turbo Surface Membrane 10kg

CONSUMPTION: 50m2 per 10kg (200g per m2) approx.
APPLICATION: by brush or roller.

On cementitious screeds, which are not subject to rising
damp, but have a residual humidity content higher than
the British Standards recommended 75% R.H. (BS8203)
for laying resilient and wood flooring.
Some application examples
• Consolidating cementitious screeds which are
mechanically weak.
• Prior to laying wooden flooring, to prevent a failure
due to excessive residual moisture in the cementitious
Mapeproof 1K Turbo is a one-component polyurethane
primer which hardens due to the humidity present in the
surrounding air and in the screed.
Mapeproof 1K Turbo is characterised by its short
set to light foot traffic period and that it quickly loses
tackiness, so that wood flooring may be laid after a
very short time (after approximately 2 hours in normal
conditions of temperature and humidity).
Mapeproof 1K Turbo does not contain solvents, is
odourless and is non-flammable.
Mapeproof 1K Turbo has a very low emission level
of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus).
Because of the total absence of solvents and odour,
Mapeproof 1K Turbo may also be used on sites which
are located close to inhabited areas (such as flats,
schools, offices, etc.).
After application and rapid curing of the resin, the
substrate treated with Mapeproof 1K Turbo becomes
more consistent, harder and is resistant to abrasion.
• Do not dilute Mapeproof 1K Turbo with water
or solvent.
• Do not apply below +5°C.
• Do not apply Mapeproof 1K Turbo on wet surfaces
or in the presence of rising damp.
• If a smoothing and levelling compound has to be
applied, or if the wood is to be laid after more than 24
hours, apply Mapeproof 1K Turbo so that a thin layer
remains on the surface. Completely saturate this layer
with Quartz 1.2 while is still fresh.
• Do not apply Mapeproof 1K Turbo onto heated
screeds as a vapour membrane. It is suitable as
consolidor only.
• Do not apply Mapeproof 1K Turbo so that it puddles
on the surface of the substrate.
• The installation of wooden flooring on substrates
treated with Mapeproof 1K Turbo must be carried
out using a reactive polyurethane adhesive (such as
Ultrabond P990 1K or Ultrabond Eco P992 1K), an
epoxy-polyurethane adhesive (such as Lignobond
or Ultrabond P902 2K) or a sililated-based adhesive
(such as Ultrabond Eco S955 1K).

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Single component, solvent-free, moisture curing polyurethane surface membrane with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) for waterproofing and consolidating cementitious screeds, no mixing, no waste.


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