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Titebond 2 Premium


Titebond II Premium Water Resistant Glue is known for its strong bond, water resistance, and versatility in woodworking and construction applications.

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Titebond II Premium Water Resistant Glue is a high-quality PVA (polyvinyl acetate) adhesive that offers several advantages:

1. **Water Resistance**: It provides a strong bond that is resistant to water, making it suitable for both interior and exterior woodworking projects.

2. **Versatility**: Ideal for bonding wood, particleboard, MDF, and other porous materials, Titebond II is widely used in furniture making, cabinetry, and general woodworking.

3. **Strength and Durability**: It offers excellent strength and durability once cured, ensuring long-lasting bonds that hold up well under stress.

4. **Non-toxic**: When cured, it is non-toxic, making it safe for use in environments where food contact may occur, such as cutting boards and kitchen utensils (FDA approved for indirect food contact).

5. **Easy Clean-up**: Water clean-up while still wet simplifies application and reduces mess during use.

6. **Long Open Time**: Provides an extended open assembly time, allowing for precise adjustments and ensuring a solid bond.

Overall, Titebond II Premium Water Resistant Glue is favoured by woodworkers and craftsmen for its reliability, ease of use, and ability to deliver strong, durable bonds in various woodworking applications.

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